Who you are and what you have

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Jan 26, 2018

Hi Everyone!

My blog this week is inspired by a recent podcast featuring noted speaker and author Danielle Strickland. I was both encouraged and challenged to mull over important questions. I am thinking about how distracted we are by “what we lack,” rather than focusing on what we have been given and who we are in Jesus Christ.

Strickland encouraged us that God is interested in using both what we have and also who we are. She focused on two particular examples in Scripture to illustrate her point.  First, in the Old Testament, God calls Moses to service. While Moses tried to excuse himself by pleading his unfitness, God still intended to use him. God saw his character and promised Moses His presence.

God was also interested what Moses could offer. So, God asks Moses a simple question: “what is in your hand?” Moses responds: ” A staff!” God then demonstrates through a supernatural event, how he will use the very simple and obvious things. Moses’ staff was used as an instrument of healing; when it was held up it was used as a symbol of victory; it was also used as a symbol of shepherd leadership. Throughout Exodus, true to His word, God continued to use Moses – demonstrating His power and Presence to work through Moses.

In the New Testament, Jesus asks a similar question of the disciples. On one occasion, late in the day, a huge group of people who had been following Jesus, were hungry. Their solution was to go to neighboring villages to bring back food. Jesus has another idea. “You feed them!” In other words, I want you and I trust you. Further, “use what is in your hands!” Jesus, blesses the seemingly modest lunch and more than 5000 people get fed. In this miracle, Jesus taught them that he wanted to use them and what they had to bless others. Throughout the Gospels, Jesus called his disciples to service and shows them, as He did Moses that He could and would use them for the building of His kingdom.

This is very challenging. How often, are we affected by our unbelief? Do you consider yourself unworthy or incapable of what God asks us to do? Also, are you distracted by “what you do not have” therefore discounting the skills talents and abilities that God has given you?

I invite you this week to stand with me as we approach God with open hands. Open hands to offer back to God, what we have and who we are and open hands to receive the blessing of service that God wishes to call us into.



In the peace of Christ,