“Thanks for another…opportunity!”

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Jan 20, 2018

Hi everybody!

How many of you have ever been given another opportunity to try something again when you failed the first time? How many of you have ever given another chance to someone who really messed up things up for you? How many of you are mulling over whether it’s a good idea to give someone a second chance, even right now?

God is not simply a God of the second chance. He is the God of another chance! Countless examples throughout the bible show us that God is always looking to put people right back on the road again when they have REALLY messed up!

God asked Jonah was asked to go to Nineveh to call the people to repentance. Jonah said: “NO!” and went in the opposite direction. After falling off the “escape” ship and being swallowed by a big fish, Jonah gets another chance from God. After David had taken another man’s wife for his own and killing the other man, God’s messenger Nathan came and confronted David. God forgave David.

In the New Testament, Jesus continues to extend grace and mercy. Peter denied Jesus three times, is not only forgiven, but given leadership status among the disciples – soon to be apostles. Saul, later called Paul was killing Christians. After he is knocked off his horse on his way to do some more damage, Jesus gives Paul is re-directed and becomes as powerful a force for the Gospel as he had been against!

As we see, true to His word and out of His great love, patience, grace and mercy, God continues to revive, restore and re-direct His people…for our good. God wants us to mimic His character.

Who in your life, do you need to grant another chance to? Do you need to forgive someone? Do you need to extend grace or mercy to someone? In a world, in great need of God’s grace, we have a stunning opportunity to be counter cultural – extending Godly grace and mercy. We do this remembering how much God has been gracious with us.


In the peace of Christ,