Relationships – Building Blocks for the Kingdom!

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Dear Friends,

How many people do you think Jesus met when he walked this earth? While we cannot be entirely sure, suffice it so say…IT WAS A LOT!! After three years on this earth, Jesus’ address book and contact lists must have been packed! Each of his encounters was intentional, impacting the life of the person, for the sake of the Kingdom. Most, if not all of these encounters happened out where the people are, many times around a table. Relationships are building blocks for the Kingdom of God.

At WAM, we are a community seeking to follow Jesus. We want to join in God’s mission. We are always looking for creative ways to engage our community, remembering that what we do flows from a profound understanding of Whose we are and why we are here. So, whatever we do, is done in the love of and for Jesus.

The latest “thing” we’re doing in Jesus Name; last Wednesday, we began a new venture here on the West side. We made some soup, some sandwiches, and hotdogs. We then packed them in the Salvation Army Van and distributed the food at different places in the community – serving twenty-five folks…mostly kids.

Now, that last paragraph is a summary of the event. But, so many good relationships have been established through this new ministry.  First, we are deeply thankful to our new-found friends at the Salvation Army, who made it possible for us to use their food truck and equipment. Starting with the patient, long suffering Salvation Army employee who taught me to drive the truck. Then, there are all the people that we have met in the community. I think of the families with their kids in the park whom we invited to come over. They in turn, ran to get their friends.

While there were no conversions, or folks pledging to join the church and to become identifiable givers, there was conversation and relationships were established. My dear friend Harold Percy would describe this as “making a buzz in the neighbourhood.” We are providing physical nourishment and offering spiritual nourishment as well.

How were you drawn to faith? Have you ever had the opportunity to share the love of Jesus tangibly with another? Jesus says: ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Blessings, Rob+