Palm Sunday

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Mar 24, 2018

          Have you ever been to a parade? Did you know what was coming? Who were you expecting? Today is Palm Sunday (also known as the Passion Sunday) On Palm Sunday, we remember Jesus parading into Jerusalem.

What a spectacle that parade must have been. The streets were lined with frenzied people. In their anticipation and desperation, they greeted Jesus shouting “HOSANNA!!” (“save now”).

For that moment, Jesus was the object of their affection as he represented all of their hopes and dreams for liberation from their oppressors. In their minds eye, the people were looking for their messiah, their white knight on a powerful horse! To them, Messiah was to enter in and overthrow the existing structure and secure a stable, free system. But the Messiah had other ideas. Jesus rode into town on a donkey – a symbol of peace. Many of the people could not reconcile the image they had created in their minds with the true Messiah on the donkey. So, very soon after the triumphant entry, the peoples’ cheers quickly dissolved into to contempt. Jesus was crucified on a hill outside the city, in a place reserved for outcasts and sinners.

While we know that this is NOT the end of the story, the events of Palm Sunday do evoke some important questions. Earlier, I mentioned that the people had formed an image of the Messiah they could not resolve with whom they saw on the donkey. They had created Messiah in their image. Can you allow Jesus, the Messiah to be who He says He is? Is Messiah limited to what your wishes?

Thankfully Jesus did not cave in to public whim or opinion! In Chapter 11 of the Revelation to John, you can hear the echo of the Hosanna in the company of angels praising God.  The angel cries out and says, “The Kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord…and he will reign for ever and ever.”

Friends, day to day I am sure that many if not ALL of us cry out to Jesus to “come now to deliver us.”  Be assured, the Lord IS coming soon.  Let this Palm Sunday be an opportunity for you to think deeply about your relationship with Jesus. And, rather than trying to fit Him into your imagination, ask Him to give you a fresh view of who He is and how he can fashion you into something that you could never have imagined!


In the Peace of the Lord, Rob+