Palm Sunday

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Mar 18, 2016

Curate’s Corner –March 20, 2016.

Hosanna! Palm Sunday marks the end of the Lenten journey and the beginning of Holy Week. Also known as “The Sunday of the Passion,” Palm Sunday is a day we remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.

What a spectacle the first “Palm Sunday” must have been. The streets were lined with people who, with both anticipation and desperation for a liberating Saviour, shouted: “Hosanna!” (Meaning- “save now”). For that moment, Jesus was the object of their affection as he represented all of their hopes and dreams for liberation. In their minds eye, the people were looking for their white knight! To them, Jesus entry into Jerusalem was “triumphant.” He was entering to overthrow the existing structure and secure a stable, free system. But, Jesus rode into town on a donkey. The people’s cheers quickly shift to contempt and Jesus is crucified. But, in a stunning paradox the triumph of Christ took place outside the city on a hill, in a place reserved for outcasts and sinners, on a cross.

It is also paradoxical that the mournful, desperate cry of “hosanna” has become a song of praise. In Chapter 11 of the Revelation to John, you can hear the echo of the Hosanna in the company of angels praising God. The angel cries out and says, “The Kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of out Lord…and he will reign for ever and ever. “

Friends, we live day to day and I am sure that many if not ALL of us cry out to Jesus to “come now to deliver us.” Be assured, the Lord IS coming soon. Perhaps on this Palm Sunday, we can reflect on our relationship with Jesus and ask him to renew our hope as we await the day that we shall see Him face to face.

Blessings, Rob+