“Making Room”

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Dec 25, 2014

The Christmas story is full of meaning. The Christmas story speaks of the single most important event in human history – the incarnation —God became human.

In the Gospel reading featured for this day, Luke writes about the journey taken by Joseph and Mary to the town of Bethlehem. When they arrived, the couple’s their reception was lukewarm at best! Luke 2:7 reads: “[Mary] gave birth to her firstborn son…and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the Inn.” Wow! No room for a couple, no room for a woman who was obviously pregnant in greatly with child. No room for the Saviour of the world.

But, there were others in the story who did make room. Joseph made room for the reality that God was going to protect him and his family from ridicule. Mary made room in her heart for God to come into human space and bless her to do it. The Shepherds made room as they readily and joyfully received the Good News of the birth of Jesus.

Turn the clock ahead from that event to today. It is easy to criticize an innkeeper for making room for some and crowding out the Saviour of the world. We crowd out the Saviour as well. How many of us make time for God a priority? I urge you this Christmastime to pause and take stalk of your life and consider what your priorities are. How important is your relationship with Jesus. More often than not, He speaks to us in whispers, or in the stillness. It is rare that He speaks with a booming voice. So, let us take the time to get ourselves into a position where we can hear the most important Person in the world!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and encourage you to look after your families and to make room for the stranger – thus modelling Christ—the King of Kings and Lord of Lords….who at this very moment is making room for you!

In the love of Jesus,