Looking Back and Looking Ahead

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Dec 29, 2014

         The children of Israel were always taught to remember the Lord—in all that they did. Because God is consistent, they could trust that what He did for them in the past, He would continue to do in the future. His actions and character are trustworthy. So, because He had been faithful in the past, the people could be certain of His faithfulness in the future. When the people were in trouble, they were encouraged that the Lord to be present with them that he would lead them through.

We turn the clock ahead 2000 years to today…here and now. We find ourselves at a crossroad. We are leaving this Historic worship space which we have called home. As you look around the inside of the sanctuary, you see many plagues featuring the names of many beloved folks who have given time, talent and treasure to build this houses. We stand on their shoulders. We look back with gratitude –giving thanks to God for them.

We also have an opportunity to look ahead in hope. Some of us will be joining the Parish of Good Shepherd to worship and some of us will remain in the Lower West and worship at the Seafarers Centre. Where ever we are we are in God’s hands. We have the opportunity to look forward with anticipation to not only see how God will provide but also what new opportunities God is already preparing for us.

So, my dear friends, while we are coming to the end of an era, we can also be encouraged that God is with us and that He is preparing something fitting for us.

In the Peace of Christ