Joy in the Morning

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         Would you describe yourself as a morning person? Do you require a hot cup of coffee to help?! There many practical benefits to being a morning person. The morning marks the beginning of a new day. It offers a fresh start after a bad day. The morning is a time when we are most refreshed after a restful night’s sleep. A new day offers great excitement about what can be accomplished, attempted or experienced in the time ahead.


The theme of “the morning” is widely expressed in the bible. The term “morning” appears 200 times in the Old Testament alone. Jeremiah, in the book of Lamentations reminds us of the fresh portion of grace and mercy that we are afforded each new day: ” The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness” (Lam 3:24-25).


The morning is also equated with the “coming of the Lord” or “divine activity.” 2 Samuel 23:4, reads: ” he is like the light of morning at sunrise on a cloudless morning, like the brightness after rain that brings grass from the earth.’ Zephaniah writes: ” Every morning God brings forth justice and does not fail.” (Zeph. 3:5). In the Gospels, Zechariah proclaims with great joy the new day that the Messiah would bring saying, “the dawn from on high has visited us” (Luke 1:78).


So, consistent with all of the prophesies past, the coming of the Lord was in the morning. Today, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. The MOST significant event in human history. When did God reveal the Resurrected Lord? It was in the morning. As it had been said, it marked the dawn of a new day for all humankind. The Resurrection marked the dawn of new life.


On the third day, after the death of Jesus, in the morning His disciples raced to the tomb…unsure of what they would find. As they encountered Him alive again, they awoke from their fear filled sleep. They awoke from their dark night. True faith was re-ignited in them… in the morning. Truly, it was the dawn of new life for them.


Are you a morning person now? Are you still stuck in old sleepy ways? Have you allowed the risen Christ to meet you? -to wake you up? What do you need to ask Jesus to re-ignite in you this Easter?


May the living Christ enter your time and space bring you into His light. Jesus is Risen, He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!


In His joy,