Intentional Christian Lives 2 – Servanthood.

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   Last week I mentioned that we were going to be looking a little closer at Jesus intentional life. This week we are looking at Jesus` servanthood.

Have you ever aspired to be a servant? Or Have you ever included “servant spirit on an application form in the “qualities” section? I am sure that many, if not all of us have desired to do something great. I wonder if many of us would agree that being a servant is on the express line to the top! What did Jesus think about this?

In His earthly ministry, Jesus declares His purpose in entering our space. He says: `The Son of man did not come into the world to be served, but to serve.”( Matt 20:28 and Mark 10:45). He then backed up His words with the accompanying actions. Jesus moved from town to town serving as he healed the sick, cast out demons. He always had time for people. He fed the people physically and spiritually from His very heart.

Another very significant example of Jesus servanthood came in the last hours before He endured the Cross. At the Last Supper, Jesus rises from the table and, removing His outer garment, proceeds to wash His disciples’ feet. This was a jaw dropping action. Washing guests stinky, gross feet was a task reserved for the lowliest slave!  Yet, Jesus did this very thing – despite the protests of Peter (and am I am sure all the others as well!).

The action of washing feet by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords was a game changer. It shows us that in the Kingdom of God, the system is counter cultural. It also tells us, that disciples and apostles of His must not simply possess servant hearts but also be servants of others. Notice that not only does Jesus wash His disciples’ feet, but he tells them to DO THE SAME!!!

Being a servant often steers us out of our comfort zone. It is stretching. It is off putting. But, it is rewarding and it is the way of Jesus.

What is God calling you to do today, in His service? Serving God allows us to share in His Mission. Serving God enables us to bless others for God.  By following through, you are entering into deeper relationship with Him.


In His Service,