How Open minded are you?

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Apr 28, 2017

          How open minded are you? Is being open minded a good thing? For certain, there are a multitude of factors which influence just how open or closed we might be. How open are you to the things of God?


We are now in the wake of Easter. From the time of His Resurrection and Ascension, Jesus appeared to several different people in many different circumstances. He appeared to Mary at the tomb. He appeared to the disciples on two occasions -without and with Thomas. He appeared to and accompanied two followers on the road to Emmaus. But, common to all the appearances to individuals and groups was the response of unbelief and failure to recognize Him. Yet, also common to each of Jesus’ appearance, He did not give up on them. He continued to work with them and they were changed.


This week we take a closer look at the quality one of Jesus’ appearances to His disciples. Jesus reminded them of what the prophets had foretold and also how He fulfilled the prophesies. During the same encounter, we see “Then [Jesus] opened their minds to the Scriptures.” (Luke 24:45). Craig Evans in his commentary on Luke, describes this as Jesus enabling his disciples to have special understanding and of the Scriptures to connect the Old Testament truth with Jesus.


With closed minds, the disciples could not have understood. With closed minds, they would be stalled in doubt, fear and unbelief. However, their minds were not opened to accept just anything, their minds were opened to receive the treasure from God.


In this and many cultures, open mindedness is often lauded as progressive. What is also true is that there is disagreement concerning what we should and should not be open to.  Many leaders and media trumpet their own agendas and ideas for certain, when it comes to the truth of God, open mindedness is wise. But how? It starts with Jesus. When Jesus was with His disciples: ” Jesus,” opened their minds…!” as Luke writes. Many times, in Scripture, the faithful people call upon the Lord to “open them.” Psalm 119:18 reads: ” Open my eyes so that I might see the wonderful things in your law.”   As the Psalmist did, you and I need to call upon the Lord and allow Him to open our minds and hearts to help us understand and apply God’s word in our lives and in this world.


In the Love of Jesus, Rob+