“Come and see!”

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Mar 11, 2018

            This past week, we observed National Women’s Day. I couldn’t help but remember the significant and outstanding women in my life. My wife Jennifer, my mom, my sister-in-law, my aunts, mother-in-law and my two grandmothers. I could write many pages on their godly qualities, but alas, I must focus on but one of them.

I want to remember “Sittoo” (arabic for Grandma). Sittoo was my dad’s mom who has not been with us for quite some time now. One of the wonderful things about her was her culinary expertise. She was an amazing cook. Frequently, my parents, brother and I would be invited over to her home. We were treated to a fantastic Lebanese feast of feasts. All aspects of the meal were carefully crafted and meticulously thought out. As soon as we arrived, were treated to an irresistible aroma which wafted from the kitchen. For sure, she had spent hours if not days preparing for this time.

As we sat together at the table, questions would abound how the meal had been made. For instance: “How much spice did you add?” or “For how long did you prepare the meat?” or “How did you make that rice taste like that?” To all of these questions, Sittoo would respond the same way:” Come and see!”

“Come and see,” indeed. Standing beside the master cook was the best way to learn. In fact, it was the only way to learn! Sittoo didn’t have a recipe book. These masterpieces came from her heart and were a gift to us. So, watching and copying was the way to learn and retain the information.

As I remember Sittoo, and as I think all of the feasts which flowed from her heart, I am reminded of the heart of Jesus. With these very words: ” come and see!” Jesus invited his new disciples to come and not only see where He lived, but also what He was about. (John 1:39). For three years, Jesus disciples, watched His every move. They marveled at His acts. Like sponges, they soaked it all in. The Book of Acts gives testimony to not only how they had progressed, but how God used them!

During Lent, I encourage you to spend quality time with Jesus. The way to become more like Him is to spend time with Him. As you read the Scriptures, you will witness Him at work. Most importantly, as you allow Jesus to impact you, it will be as wonderful as the most awesome feast placed in front of you -given from the heart of the Master!


In His peace,